In 2011, the City of Woodland purchased approximately 40 acres of land on the top of Scott Hill. This land has been designated for use as a park.
The Rotary Club of Woodland is partnering with the City to build Scott Hill Park to include a sports complex by creating the vision for the park and sports complex, raising funds needed to build the park, overseeing park construction, and planning for sustainable operations and management of the park.

We are looking for businesses and individuals to join the Scott Hill Park Development team as   “Ground Breakers”.
This campaign and the deadline have been extended to July 31st.
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Park Program

Ground Breakers

Exciting progress has been made on the Scott Hill Park project. The park will bring multiple opportunities for the community. Youth and adults alike will benefit from the sports facilities, the playground, walking trail, and covered areas.


So many people have worked long hours and given much for the advancement of Scott Hill Park. The following is a brief review of 2013... read more strengthen our community by encouraging healthy living, promoting family interaction,
developing strong and courageous character, while building a legacy of community spirit and service.

Thank you to our Corporate Partners!

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